ERDC 2019 District Leader, Judicial Delegate and Alternate Judicial Delegate Endorsements

East River Democratic Club

February 22, 2019
Img 6644 copy At our February 21st meeting, we endorsed the following candidates!

We're excited to announce that the ERDC has endorsed the following candidates.

District Leader

Jill Eisner, 76th Assembly District, Female, Part A

Josh Kravitz, 76th Assembly District, Male, Part B


Judicial Delegate

Jill Eisner

Betsy Feist

Drew Davis

AJ Handler

Rebecca Lamorte

Patrick Bobillin

Rebecca Weintraub

Len Lubinsky


Alternate Judicial Delegate

Emily Davis

Suzanne Parrish

Michael Hoffman

Robert Jackman

George Dorsey

Jane Furse

Ruth Gutman

Peggy O'Rielly


Civil Court - County Wide


Ashlee Crawford

Robert Rosenthal